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About us
Liget-Span Kft. was founded in the year 2000 in the city of Gödöllő. At the beginning our company supplied the region of Pest County with our main profile; furniture board sawing and the manufacturing of kitchen furniture.
Thanks to continuous development today we already welcome our partners on 4000 square meters on our Gödöllő site. In our hall complex we perform the preparation for production on 320 square meters and there is a further area of 220 square meters for assembly works.
Our 100 m2 showroom is waiting for our guests who are interested in our products.
In the past years our company made contractual relationship with all relevant furniture industry suppliers, granting our customers the highest service and quality level.
Our profile includes manufacturing, designation and implementation of individual furniture, from kitchen furniture through flat, office and shop equipment to the fitting of saloons (beauty, optics, special needs).
Furniture board sawing remained our company’s main profile, we operate a separate board sawing unit at our site.
We sell all furniture panel types available in Hungary.
We perform manufacturing, preparation, tailoring and edge closing with the most up-to-date machines on our site.
According to actual needs we provide professional consultancy, interior decoration, 3D visual design, for those who feel the need for these services.
Exceeding county borders Liget- Span Kft. fulfils customers’ needs in all around the country and across the borders.
Visit our site and get to know Liget-Span Kft.
With regards:
Kis Zoltán and Legéndi Balázs
Owner/Managing director, owner